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The science behind the science

The Inside Injuries algorithm is backed by years of medical research and input from orthopedic surgeons, radiologists and data scientists. Our database consists of over a million data points! We use this information to determine what injuries a player has had (body part, severity, etc) and then predict how a player will perform and their likelihood of getting injured. Once we have this data processed for every single player, it then goes into another algorithm that determines the overall health of each team and how exactly injuries will impact them. For football we look at the health of four position groups – offensive skills positions, offensive line, defensive line and secondary. For basketball we look at how injuries will affect each team’s scoring, rebounding and defense. So how can you use our analysis to win? Let’s start by taking a look at our Team Health Scores for each matchup.

At the top you will see a Team Health Score. This is on a 1-10 scale and falls into one of four categories:

  • Optimal Health (8-10):Completely healthy, or close to healthy, with key players contributing at expected levels of production
  • Good Health (6-8): The team is relatively healthy, resulting in contributions slightly lower than projected levels
  • Moderate Health (4-6): Some injuries will lead to underperformance when compared to expectations or projections
  • Poor Health (0-4): Significant injuries will result in substantial underperformance compared to expected levels of production.