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PrizePicks is a Daily Fantasy platform aiming to simplify sports betting and Daily Fantasy as we know it. Owned by Performance Predictions, PrizePicks is taking aim at bigger names like FanDuel and DraftKings.

Rather than spend time creating a Daily Fantasy lineup and matching up against others, users on PrizePicks can choose 2-5 athletes and predict if each athlete’s stats or fantasy output will go over or under the projected total.

Signing up for PrizePicks

The process for making picks is simple, but first time players have to go through the sign up steps.

When players first open the app, they are presented with some brief background information, seen below.

As seen, the app notes that the max amount of picks you can make is 5, with a minimum of 2. There is also a slide detailing what the goal of the user is, which is to correctly predict a players over/under projections.

PrizePicks will also occasionally offer special bonuses when you sign up. For example, they currently have an offer to match any initial deposit up to $100.

After these pages, you are redirected to a page to enter your email, and asked to create a password for an account. From there, you can begin placing bets.

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The wagering process

The process of placing bets begins with users being asked to pick between 2 and 5 players of their choosing.  Users can either place wagers on individual player stats going over or under, such as points or strikeouts, or player fantasy scores.

If the user chooses the ‘single stat’ option to make predictions on player outcomes, the next step becomes which stat to predict. These stats, depending on the sport, can range from strikeouts for an MLB player to three pointers made for an NBA player.

From there, the user can predict whether each athlete’s actual fantasy total or statistical total will go over or under

Different types of betting options

Prior to finalizing their bet, users can choose between ‘Flex Play’ or a ‘Power Play’.

The ‘Flex Play’ is advertised as the safer option, broken down below.

  • 2 Player Predictions: Pays 0.5x for one correct prediction and 2x for two
  • 3 Player Predictions: Pays 1.25x for two correct predictions and 2.25x for three
  • 4 Player Predictions: Pays 1.5x for three correct, 5x for four
  • 5 Player Predictions: Pays 0.4x for three correct predictions, 2x for four and 10x for five

On the other hand, the ‘Power Play’ is the high risk high reward option.

  • 2 Player Predictions: Pays 3x for two correct predictions
  • 3 Player Predictions: Pays 5x for three correct predictions

4 Player Predictions: Pays 10x for four correction predictions

The overall experience

PrizePicks does a great job of making gambling easy and trustworthy, specifically if you live in a state without legal mobile sports betting. Because PrizePicks falls under the Daily Fantasy Category, users can access the app in any state where DFS is legal and mobile gambling is not.

PrizePicks removes the hassle of having to use an offshore website, as well as simplifies the bet selection process. On many books, lines will fluctuate every minute. On PrizePicks, lines stay fairly consistent, and users often won’t run into an issue where they are trying to place a wager when all of a sudden the line changes at the last second.

Furthermore, specifically on offshore sites, parlaying player prop bets is not really an option. Betting straight player props is also difficult, as the vig is always pretty steep. With PrizePicks, not only can you parlay simple player props, but you can still win even if all of your picks don’t hit. Also, you are never facing a large vig.

Where PrizePicks can shine is with the casual sports bettor, who doesn’t want to do the nitty gritty research that setting daily fantasy lineups requires. It also doesn’t force players to pay for a -175 vig on a regular player prop. For these reasons, the experience is much more relaxed and recreational. While there is definitely something to taking sports betting seriously day in and day out, many bettors like to take it easy. PrizePicks provides that path.